Time to Get Rid of “Gamers”

Everyone games. From Wii Sports to Scrabble to Temple Run to Draw Something to Clash of Clans, games are being played by more people than ever.

Yet we are still stuck with the term "gamers".

We don't call people going to the movies "filmers", We don't call people listening to music "sounders", and we don't call people reading books "bookers". Why do we call people playing games "gamers"?

It might have made sense to use a term to refer to a small group of people that played games 30 years ago. But when's the last time you've spoken to someone who's never ever played?

Everyone games. It's time to stop labeling people and start recognizing it as an activity. Stop asking people if they play games, ask them what their favorite games are.

And if they don't have an answer, you've found an underserved audience. Go make games for them and win their hearts.