Reading List for Blockchain Game Developers, Feb 2022

Sharing 6 of my favourite web3 content in recent weeks — content that is insightful for game developers exploring blockchain gaming, and web3 developers interested in game development: Blockchain Trading Card Games, Physical Collectibles Market, Running Games as a Service, Zero-knowledge Proof, and seeing NFTs via the art market.

Blockchain Trading Card Games (Ft. Gods Unchained) with @ChrisClayPlays on Metacast by @naavik_co

Chris from Gods Unchained has been incredibly helpful and supportive in my journey to understanding blockchain gaming, and I always learn new insights whenever we speak. I LOVE this interview where he looks at blockchain gaming as a seasoned game director and designer (previously on Magic the Gathering and Lord of the Rings MMO) - a very grounded approach to blockchain gaming + lifestyle games.

The Cards Hold the Future by @joosterizer

Speaking of collectible card games, Joost (ex-CEO of Superdata) provides a great primer on the market and growth of Physical Collectible Cards. NFTs are allowing digital items to become collectibles (with the introduction of scarcity and ownership), there is a lot we can learn from the physical collectible cards market.

Redefining Immersion, Play, and Game Economies with Brooks Brown on Delphi Digital

I have been thinking a lot about the interactions & reactions when financial incentives are introduced into games. This talk by Brooks Brown on how business model has evolved and changed the way games are designed & played, and where we are going from here with regards to new business models with web3 is on point.

Lessons Learned in the Trenches: Developing Games as a Service by Certain Affinity’s Richard Vogel

The majority of blockchain games are live service games - games that are offered as a continuously running service (Games as a Service). I’ve found that people tend to underestimate the amount of effort and challenges with these games - something we are constantly reminded of as we continue to develop BattleTabs.

Drawing on his experience building an impressive list of live service games (Fallout 76, Battlecry, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Star Wars Galaxies), this talk offers invaluable lessons on developing and running games as a service.

Why you can't just screenshot an NFT By Cleo Abram

I’ve always found Ex-Vox journalist Cleo Abram’s video to be concise and well-produced. Here, she looks at NFTs from the perspective of how the art market evolved even before crypto. “Without the certificate, the art work has no value.”

Worth a watch even if you are well-versed in the space.

Computer Scientist Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty

You’ve heard of the term Zero-Knowledge Proof, now it’s time to understand it. 😉 This Wired video explains what zero-knowledge proof is for people with different levels of understanding.