Announcement: Moving Blog Posts

I've started moving game related posts to our developer blog at to better focus this blog on topics outside of independent game development. Previous Unity3D tips and tutorials are also moved over there. 

I've had this blog for over two years and I think it's time to give it an overhaul. More changes are coming!

The More You Know Who You Are,

I didn't know this would happen, but the journey of starting my own business has taught me more about myself than about business.

"The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you." - Bob. Lost in Translation.

And that was not in the plan. The plan was to outsource development, sell millions of copies, and get acquired by Google/Apple/Facebook/EA/Disney in a year. Fortunately, none of that happened. Instead of hiring out the development, I put my head down and learned to do it myself. Instead of selling millions of games and getting acquired, I assembled a small team and made great like-minded friends.

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The Gap between Core and Casual – the Premium Casual

If you spend enough time observing the game industry, you know there are primarily two markets - the traditional Core market, and the red-hot new Casual market of today. The traditional Core market has been in existence since the days of Atari decades ago. It has evolved from simple games with ASCII art to complex games with close to real-life graphics. Step into any GameStopand most games you see in the shop would fit into this category. They are complex, deep, visually stunning, and often focus on serving the Core gamer market - male from 18 to 35. You see a lot of shooting, fighting, sports, racing, fantasy/sci-fi, military/war, action/adventure games in this market today.

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