A Desire to Create

A Desire to Create.

If you are like me, you spend your days with images of what can be in your head. You see things morphing into newer things. You find the possibilities of what can be created anew exhilarating. The missing imagination in mundane everyday things not only bores you, it infuriates you. You know it can be made better; they can all be, and you find it difficult to stop wanting to build, to shape, to create.

And you feel the most alive when you do, as if it's the only thing that you are meant to do, and the only thing you are truly capable of doing.

When you see wonderful inspiring works, your mind wonders what else can be created from ideas, materials, and styles rooted in the work. You see the world in colors and sounds and movements, and thoughts and ideas and ideologies and meanings.

To create is not just to create but to express, to identify, to communicate, and to listen.

And to you, to create is not just to express, to identify, to communicate, or to listen. To create is to be.