Marketing Sucks

Marketing sucks

Marketing Sucks.

Marketing sucks, big time.

You push and pull and try to get known. You obsess over views and votes and all the likes you didn’t get.

Marketing sucks.

It sucks, big time.

You read the case studies of marketing successes to feel small, and study the tactics of growth hacks to feel overwhelmed.

Marketing sucks, big time.

It’s a road with no end. You need to keep going before you find gold because there’s always one more thing to try, and you need to keep going after you’ve found gold because competition is just behind.

There’s SEO there’s content, there’s social and there’s paid ads. Have you found your influencers yet and have you talked to the press. Where is your community and what’s your TA.

Marketing sucks.

Marketing sucks, big time.


Until you see one, and two, and three people using what you’ve built. Until you hear one, or two, or three people asking for more.

Until you realise it’s not about the tactics, but them; the people who you think you can help in one way or the other, the people you connect with through a shared experience - a product, a service, an emotion.


Then it sucks a little less, and a little less, and a little bit less.