"A passionate professional with an entrepreneurial spirit that I'd recommend to anyone, especially in the fields of new venture and new media."
Takeshi (Ted) Homma, Vice President at Sony, HQ Strategy

I help entrepreneurs and investors bring ideas to market — from deal-sourcing, ideation, feasibility analysis, fund-raising, product incubation, to business modelling.



"Brandon is a brilliant manager with expertise in external market intelligence and internal business metrics analysis. He has a firm grip on the pulse of consumer internet and the consumer electronics industry, and his metric-based approach contributed significantly to Sony's strategic planning in the new media space. This directly resulted in the launch of two businesses and one merger. Besides being an excellent thinker, he is also proactive in taking action to find, evaluate, and negotiate with potential partners to build partnerships and get the deals done."
Takeshi (Ted) Homma, Executive Officer at Rakuten, Vice President at Sony
"Intelligent, creative, and adaptable to changes while focusing on the end goal. Brandon's work helped us raise our latest round of funding by building a strong business case with solid reasoning and analysis. I found it really easy to work with Brandon, even remotely. Highly recommended."
- Robert Laing, CEO and Co-Founder of Gengo.
"Brandon’s been an amazing advisor and mentor during collaboration with Sunbreak Games. He's always aware of relevant industry trends, highly organized, and clear & direct with his analysis of everything from a project’s features to its longer-term resource management and monetization goals."
- Jason Behr, Creative Director at Sunbreak Games.
"Brandon's knowledge and relationships in the games industry are extremely deep. I'd strongly recommend working with Brandon and his firm if you have the opportunity. He is extremely professional and friendly. I hope to continue working with Brandon for a long time."
- Adam Lieb, Founder and CEO at Duxter.


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